Tom Steyer was one of the most successful investors and businessmen in America. He saw firsthand how our economic system failed working people while helping those at the top. Believing we have a moral responsibility to each other and to give back, Tom left his company and began working full time to guarantee every family shares the benefits of economic opportunity, education, and a healthy climate.

Steyer began his efforts in California. He preserved clean air protections by defeating a ballot measure sponsored by the oil industry to roll back renewable energy laws. Then, he secured billions of dollars in additional funding for California schools through a ballot campaign of his own, which closed a tax loophole exploited by powerful corporations. He followed that with another successful ballot effort that expanded the state’s healthcare services by getting tobacco companies to pay their fair share of health costs through a tobacco tax increase.

To further his mission across the country, Tom founded a nonprofit grassroots advocacy organization, NextGen America, to fight for progressive outcomes on issues like climate change, healthcare, immigration, inequality, and criminal justice.

In 2017, Tom launched the Need to Impeach campaign, demanding members of Congress put country ahead of party politics and hold President Trump accountable. Within just four months, it became one of the largest grassroots efforts of its kind, drawing more than 5 million supporters from across all 50 states.

Through NextGen, Tom has also invested over $30 million to increase voter participation among young voters in 2018, and defeat members of Congress who have voted to protect the wealthy at the expense of children, seniors, and working families—the largest effort of its kind in American history.

Tom and his wife, Kat Taylor, live in San Francisco and have four children. Together, they have pledged to give the vast majority of their wealth to charitable causes during their lifetimes.

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