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Tom Steyer 2020

Democrat for President

We can take our democracy back, together.

“Corporations and special interests have bought politicians and influenced Washington for too long.”
─ Tom Steyer
Tom and Kat have pledged to give away the majority of their wealth to philanthropic causes during their lives.
At the peak of the recession, Tom defended California’s climate policies from attacks by big oil corporations and opened the door to thousands of clean energy jobs.
For the past decade, Tom has worked directly with people to take on big corporations & win
If you want to understand Americans, you have to look them in the eye and listen to them.
Tom is the only candidate prepared to use the emergency powers of the presidency to take on the climate crisis
Steyer has played a critical behind-the-scenes role in helping shape the country’s national energy policy.
Steyer’s youth voter turnout campaign was critical and likely helped Democrats take back the House.
Tom has the business background to go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump on the economy
When it was still considered “politically risky,” Tom launched Need to Impeach in 2017 to hold Donald Trump accountable.
Tom and Kat run a 1,800-acre cattle ranch that focuses on regenerative agriculture solutions.

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Meet Tom

For years, Tom has worked to make America more balanced and just by ensuring people, not corporations, are in charge of our democracy.

Tom’s Priorities for America

Climate Justice

We are in a global climate crisis, and we need solutions that reflect the scale of the problem.
Tom will declare the climate crisis a national emergency on day one because we need urgent action, now.
Communities will take the lead on their own environmental solutions with a Civilian Climate Corps program.
Justice for low-income communities & communities of color - hurt first & worst by polluters - is a central part of Tom’s plan.

Structural Reform

Right now, corporations & special interests hold more sway in Washington than the American people.
In order to create a democracy that’s truly of, by, and for the people, we need major structural reform.
Tom will institute term limits for Congress, a national referendum, & an independent redistricting committee.
He’ll make sure our elections fair and safe with a national vote-at-home system and a restructure of the FEC.

People Over Profits

To keep medications affordable, education accessible, and our planet livable, Tom’s economic plan proposes bold changes.
As president, Tom will enact comprehensive structural reform, so corporate lobbyists and special interests no longer control our democracy.
Tom will protect the 5 Rights we all need to thrive — the right to an equal vote, clean air and clean water, a good education, affordable health care, and a living wage.
Tom’s call for a wealth tax — 1% on those whose net worth is above $32 million — could generate $1 trillion — money we could use to help relieve the burden of student loan debt, repair our infrastructure, upgrade our voting system, and fight the climate crisis.
To harness innovation and promote competition, Tom will start by enforcing existing — and considering new — antitrust regulations to create fair markets across all sectors and industries.
By declaring a climate emergency on day one of his presidency, Tom will begin implementing his Justice-Centered Climate Plan, which could create 46 million jobs over ten years.


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