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The climate crisis is a global emergency and helping to find solutions to address it is my number one priority.

For over a decade, Tom Steyer has been a driving force in the climate world, leading citizen campaigns, starting the largest youth mobilization organization in the country, promoting the science behind climate change, advocating for climate legislation and even running for President to make climate a top priority.
Now he’s using his well-documented investment expertise to galvanize the private sector and lead the next phase of the climate fight by investing in the companies and climate solutions we need to solve our climate crisis.

Tom's Organizations


Tom founded Galvanize Climate Solutions to mobilize and deploy the capital and expertise needed to accelerate important and equitable climate solutions.

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NextGen America

Tom founded NextGen America, the largest youth voter mobilization organization in American history.

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Beneficial State Bank

Beneficial State Bank is an Oakland-based community development bank founded by TS and his partner Kat Taylor in 2007 to build an economy that restores our planet and extends prosperity to all.

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Radicle Impact

Radicle Impact is an impact venture fund that focuses on regenerative food systems, fair and beneficial finance, and sustainable and just resource use.

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TomKat Foundation

Tom and Kat Taylor founded TomKat Foundation to create and support organizations that fight the climate crisis and build healthy food systems.

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