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“Even though the natural world is in a more dire state than most people realize, I'm optimistic about the future as solutions to the climate crisis are closer than ever before.”
Tom Steyer


Renowned investor and climate champion Tom Steyer gives us a unique and unvarnished perspective on how we can all fight climate change—joyfully, knowledgeably, and even profitably—at a time of unparalleled consequence and opportunity.

Tom's Climate Initiatives

Tom has used his investment expertise, business knowledge and community organizing skills to create numerous organizations dedicated to sustainable climate solutions.

Climate Visionary

For well over a decade, Tom Steyer has been a driving force in the climate world, leading citizen campaigns, starting the largest youth mobilization in the country, elevating the science behind climate change, advocating for climate legislation and even running for President to make climate a top priority.

Now he’s drawing upon his decades of experience as a world-class investor to galvanize the private sector and lead the next phase of the climate fight by investing in the companies and solutions we need to solve this existential crisis.

By The Numbers

The science is alarming – but there are many reasons for optimism. The future is being built right now.

billion in clean investments in the U.S.

Annual Surface Temperature Change

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