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What's Next

Tom continues to fight for the issues that he is passionate about — securing environmental, economic, and racial justice for every community. Tom’s next chapter in the fight against the climate crisis is Galvanize Climate Solutions.

Galvanize Climate Solutions (“Galvanize”) is a mission driven investment platform that will provide capital, expertise and partnerships necessary to produce and scale vital and urgent climate solutions. Tom has co-founded Galvanize with Katie Hall, his former business partner and longtime friend, to help secure a livable future.

Galvanize is purpose-built to accelerate decarbonization efforts by integrating climate-focused investment with global activism. Despite the progress that has already been made surrounding the climate crisis, there is still a significant gap between where we are headed and what the natural world demands to secure a climate-safe future. Galvanize will help to close that gap by driving innovation, leadership, and significant private sector investment in climate-focused companies and innovations.

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