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We can end gun violence

Tom won’t be bought by special interests — he’ll act to keep Americans safe.

The United States has a gun violence epidemic.

To address it, we must root out the corruption that makes too many guns too easy to obtain. We must take back our democracy by breaking the special interest and corporate stranglehold and restore government to the American people. As long as special interests, like the National Rifle Association, are allowed to buy politicians, our country will suffer. Tom won’t be bought — if Congress doesn’t act to pass the commonsense gun reforms Americans want, he will.

Ending gun violence in America

As president, Tom will declare gun violence a public health epidemic and dedicate time and resources to develop a cure. In addition to establishing a national assault weapon registry, requiring a license for all gun ownership, and classifying white supremacists as domestic terrorists, he will create a new Office of Gun Violence Prevention to coordinate efforts across all levels of government and increase funding to executive departments, such as the FBI, ATF, Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security, to respect American rights while saving American lives.

Tom will also partner with organizations, such as the March for Our Lives Safety Corps, to identify and fund state and local deterrence programs. Federal grants can help law enforcement agencies develop effective domestic violence intervention strategies, and offer “implicit bias” trainings. Targeted federal investments can also ensure that victims and individuals at high risk for gun violence and suicide have access to the mental health care, trauma care, drug treatment, and violence prevention programs they need.

Building on a record of action

After one gunman killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Tom pledged $1 million to an effort with former-US Representative Gabby Giffords and the nonprofit, Everytown for Gun Safety, called Our Lives, Our Vote. Together, the coalition registered 50,000 high school students to vote in ten key states where NRA-aligned candidates were on the ballot. 

Tom’s commitment to addressing gun violence earned him recognition from Moms Demand Action. He has also signed the March for Our Lives pledge.

Read Tom’s full plan to end gun violence.