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Tom and the People Win

Tom has worked tirelessly to make America more just by putting the people, not the corporations, in charge of our democracy. Here's how Tom and the people have won.

Tom and the People
vs. Dirty Energy

A coalition of residents, environmental activists, and local elected officials protested NRG’s proposal. Tom asked how he could help.

Tom and the People
Win: NextGen

In Nevada, Tom and NextGen were directly involved in funding a successful initiative; in Michigan, Tom challenged two of the state’s largest utilities.

Tom and the People
vs. Big Oil

In 2010, Big Oil tried to reverse California’s protections with Prop 23, which would have frozen the state’s greenhouse emissions targets.

Tom and the People
vs. Big Corporations

Exasperated that big businesses were being rewarded for moving jobs out of California, Tom put people in the driver’s seat and stimulated the state’s economy.

Tom and the People
vs. Big Tobacco

Tom led the charge against Big Tobacco after witnessing how corporate interests manipulated the government for profit over public health.