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Tom Steyer on “Calling All Californians: Shop Safe, Shop Local” Campaign

(San Francisco, CA, July 8) –– Co-Chair of the Governor’s Task Force on Economic Recovery Tom Steyer released the following statement on the launch of the California Office of Small Business Advocate’s “Calling All Californians: Shop Safe, Shop Local” Campaign. The campaign’s goal is to encourage people to safely support their local businesses hit hard by the pandemic and to help businesses bridge the digital divide to reach customers in their communities.

“We are incredibly lucky to have a vibrant, diverse, and resilient small business community in California” said Steyer. “But our local business owners have borne an incredible burden during this pandemic, trying to support their customers, communities, employees, and themselves. That is why we need to support them in the safest way possible. We are all in this together, and one way to stand up for the businesses that are the backbones of our local economies is to shop safe and shop local. Wear a mask or order online, and let’s show special appreciation for our local, women and people of color business owners.”

The Governor’s Task Force has been working with the small business community to learn and  create solutions to best address the needs they face during the pandemic like: access to capital, navigating the ever changing safety guidelines, applying for Federal relief, rent concerns, and finding creative solutions that will make it possible for businesses to stay open and for workers and customers alike to stay safe. Steyer is looking at the economy holistically, and is pushing the task force to tackle issues like the digital divide that will impact Californians across all sectors from education to employment. “If we can give small business owners the tools to get online and set up a delivery infrastructure, we are investing in the safety, resiliency, and sustainability of the economic opportunities for the most vulnerable Californians” Steyer said as to why supporting small businesses  is a priority for the task force.

Steyer has repeatedly emphasized that equity and racial justice are at the center of the task force’s work, affirmed in its mission statement and reaffirmed in the equity letter sent out in June. “Every aspect of this pandemic has hit communities of color hardest. That’s the nature of a system built on inequity and lack of opportunity. During this campaign and always, we should put extra emphasis on supporting businesses owned by people of color.”

To learn more about the campaign, go here.