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Tom Steyer on Bernie Sanders and the Importance of Youth Turnout in November

Steyer commends the impact Sanders has had on the country and commits to working alongside fellow progressives to ensure Democrats are energizing young voters and taking action on Climate Change. 

(SAN FRANCISCO, April 8, 2020) –– Former Presidential Candidate and progressive activist Tom Steyer issued the following statement after learning that Senator Sanders suspended his campaign. 

“Senator Sanders is a leader in our country and deserves tremendous credit for pushing our party to more fully embrace the progressive values of economic equality, healthcare for all, climate justice, and an America that works for working class families, not just the wealthy and big corporations. His message created a movement of young Americans dedicated to changing our political system for the better, a movement that will long outlast any one candidacy. We need these young Americans, from all walks of life, if we are going to defeat Donald Trump in November. As the founder of NextGen America and a long-time climate activist, I am committed to working with Senator Sanders to excite and mobilize young voters across our country, for whom climate change is often the number one issue, to show up, have their voices heard in this election, and ensure that Joe Biden is our next President.”