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Tom Steyer Endorses Sara Gideon for Senate, Highlighting Bold Leadership on Climate

(San Francisco, CA, July 1) –– Climate activist, NextGen America founder, and former presidential candidate Tom Steyer endorsed Sara Gideon for the United States Senate in Maine today.

Steyer’s endorsement of Gideon is part of his initiative to support candidates up and down the ballot who have demonstrated leadership on climate and environmental justice. From championing bills that reduce carbon emissions and increase renewable energy production, to pushing clean water initiatives in Maine’s tribal communities, Gideon’s shown a strong, continued commitment to combating our climate crisis.

Tom Steyer

“Sara Gideon has tackled the climate crisis head on throughout her career. We need her bold leadership in the Senate, fighting for clean energy solutions that create good jobs, secure our children’s futures, and pave the way for an equitable, green and sustainable economy. I’m excited to support Sara in her race for the United States Senate, and can’t wait to see all the positive change she brings to Washington.”

Sara Gideon

“In Maine, we’re already feeling the impacts of climate change firsthand — from the Gulf of Maine and our coastal communities to the lobster, agricultural, and forest products industries. Under my leadership, we came together in the State Legislature to pass some of the most aggressive carbon emission reduction and renewable energy standards the state has ever seen. Now we need Washington to take that same kind of bold and immediate action to address the climate crisis, and that’s exactly why I’m running.”

Steyer will continue to endorse candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to urgent climate action and environmental justice, and prioritize climate in their policies and campaigns.

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