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In California and Nationally, Tom Steyer Discusses CA’s Business and Jobs Recovery Task Force, Praises Gov. Newsom’s Leadership

(SAN FRANCISCO, May 13, 2020) –– Over the past week, Tom Steyer sat down with local California and national outlets to discuss California’s economic recovery. Since April, Steyer has served as Chief Adviser to Governor Newsom on Business and Jobs Recovery and co-chairs his economic recovery task force. 

Steyer is proud and committed to working alongside Governor Newsom to develop a just, green, and forward-thinking economic strategy to help California recover as safely as possible. In an interview with MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin, Steyer said reopening the state means “making sure that the protocols protect working people and customers, but also allow businesses to succeed and sustain themselves.” Yesterday, in an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, Steyer praised Governor Newsom’s leadership in his home-state, saying that putting health first will “safeguard lives so that we can safeguard livelihoods.”

Steyer also knows that recovery requires working across the aisle to put forward solutions that work for Americans. In a CNBC Closing Bell interview with Sara Eisen and Wilfred Frost, Steyer said “we are in a huge health and economic crisis, and Democrats and Republicans have to pull together on behalf of the safety and livelihoods of Californians and Americans.”

The state’s strength comes from its diversity, inclusivity, and innovation, and Steyer is ready to help Governor Newsom ensure that California’s economic response reflects that. In an interview with ABC 10 in Sacramento, Steyer said “we know the impacts of this virus have hit disproportionately on essential workers and black and brown communities, and we need to make sure we’re putting these under-resourced communities at the forefront of our efforts to build a more just and sustainable California. That begins with testing in those communities.”

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By Talib Visram