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A plan for a people-powered economy

Unchecked corporations and their corrupt cronies are controlling our democracy — Tom will put people in the driver’s seat again.

Tom founded his small investment firm and grew it into a $36 billion international company. Over that time he became intimately familiar with our economy. Not only does Tom have the business background and experience to take on Donald Trump on the economy, but he also understands that capitalism can offer numerous benefits — freedom of choice, competition, innovation, and sustained economic growth. 

Unchecked capitalism undermines our democracy and hurts too many people. 

To keep medications affordable, education accessible, and our planet livable, Tom’s plan proposes bold changes, including major structural reform and a wealth tax. Only by properly regulating corporations and setting fair ground rules can we ensure that our government truly belongs to the people.

Breaking the corporate stranglehold

As president, Tom will enact comprehensive structural reform, so corporate lobbyists and special interests no longer control our democracy. Labor unions are a powerful check on corporations, and Tom will support their right to organize for worker protections, such as a $15/hour minimum wage, an increased earned income tax credit, and expanded retirement benefits.