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Serving in Congress shouldn't be a lifetime appointment

Tom is ready to defeat the corporations who’ve bought our democracy by proposing term limits in Congress.

Our elected officials are out of touch with our needs and are more focused on getting re-elected than actually doing what’s right. What we’re seeing in Washington is that the longer an elected official stays in office, the more beholden they become to corporate backers and special interest groups. This is how corporations purchased our democracy over time to make it work for them, and not the people. The only way we’re going to take it back is with big structural reforms like term limits.

Tom is running for president from outside the Washington establishment — he puts his trust in the people because he knows change starts with us, not from a system that has become self-serving. Term limits are just one way we’re going to fix our broken politics with meaningful structural reform.

“Speaking of term limits, I have six words for you: Mitch McConnell. Lindsey Graham. Chuck Grassley.”
─ Tom Steyer

Tom on term limits

  • Proposes a term limit of 12 total years between the House and Senate to bring more focus on policies rather than politics.
  • Will work to prevent the same people and the same ideas from dominating positions of power.
  • Will bring in diverse leadership for a Congress that’s more representative of our country.
  • Is one of the only presidential candidates calling for term limits.
  • Led grassroots coalitions of Americans to fight against corporate power.

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