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Call the KY Attorney General to seek justice for Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor was an African-American emergency medical technician in Louisville, KY who aspired to a lifelong career in health care and starting a family. She was only 26 years old when police officers, executing a no-knock search warrant after midnight on March 13 of this year, battered down her door and killed her.

Police raided Breonna’s home, believing another man suspected of selling drugs had used her apartment to receive packages. No drugs were found. One of the officers involved was fired because he was also being accused of sexual harassment; the other officers were placed on administrative reassignment. None of them face criminal charges.

Breonna was murdered in her own home by police officers who were willing to destroy property, families, and lives to execute a drug search warrant. Breonna, like too many others, deserves justice, but it won’t come unless we speak up. Call Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to demand justice for Breonna Taylor. 

Enter your information or call 502-265-3925 and we'll connect you to the Attorney General's office.


Call Script:

Hi, my name is ______ and I’m calling to urge you to do everything in your power to bring justice for Breonna Taylor. She was murdered in her own home by police officers who demonstrated a careless disregard for human life. Breonna is gone, and her family cannot have peace while her killers face no consequences for their actions.

Breonna Taylor’s death has been ignored like the countless other deaths at the hands of police. No one should be allowed to shoot a person in their own home without repercussion — especially not those who are supposed to protect us.

Your careful investigation and prosecution of Breonna Taylor’s murderers is a crucial part in standing against police brutality. Please fight for justice for Breonna by investigating and taking action against Louisville Police Officers Brett Hankinson, Jonathan Mattingly, Myles Cosgrove, and all other officials involved in this shooting.