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Infrastructure Investment at a Glance 

Tom will dedicate $2 trillion of public investment to mobilize over $6 trillion total for climate-smart infrastructure, including:

  • $450B for maintenance backlog and resilience upgrades for existing roads, bridges, and levees
  • Over $3T for energy, industry, and building upgrades and pollution reduction projects, including:
    • Grid modernization and microgrid resilience projects
    • Zero-carbon district energy (heating, cooling, water, and electricity) 
    • Clean industrial technology and efficiency
    • Methane reduction and legacy gas system decommissioning
    • Residential and commercial building upgrades
  • Over $775B for clean-transportation infrastructure, including:
    • Building 5 million electric vehicle charging stations by 2030
    • Clean freight systems
    • Rail and public transit
    • Electrifying every school bus in the country
  • Nearly $500B for food, water, public lands, parks, and access to nature, including:
    • Clean drinking water, irrigation systems upgrades, and watershed protections
    • Forests, fire management, and regenerative agriculture
    • Coastal and inland wetlands, waterways and floodplains, and wildlife habitat
    • National parks, including free admission for all Americans and fully funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund
  • $555B for climate-smart communities and housing, including:
    • Superfund cleanup, brownfield remediation, and safe re-use
    • Clean, affordable housing, and safe walkable, bikeable community infrastructure
    • Walkable communities and urban parks, green space, urban tree canopies, and rural clean transportation and connectivity
  • $755B for community resilience
    • Universal rent insurance fund for renters displaced by climate disaster
    • Coastal community adaptation, resilience, and green infrastructure
    • Social resilience professions and long-term disaster recovery workers, including nurses, social workers, long-term care providers, and maintenance professions
    • Upgrading critical security, military, food, water, and water management infrastructure for increased extreme weather risks
    • Bring universal broadband access to every community in America not currently served