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Tom on criminal justice reform

America’s criminal justice system perpetuates a system of mass incarceration and punishment, not rehabilitation and restorative justice. This system was built on — and still suffers from — rampant racism. We must reform our criminal justice system to reflect the rule of law for all, not just those powerless to defend themselves.

Tom will work to end cash bail, reduce the prison population, stop the prison pipeline and revolving door, eliminate private prisons, restructure parole and probation, promote better policing methods and training to reduce police brutality, exercise his clemency powers where appropriate, and increase resources for public defenders and community intervention programs. Spending time in the criminal justice system can haunt someone’s life long after they’ve served their time — Tom will also fight for the rights of those re-entering society by supporting rehabilitation and workforce readiness programs.

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Posted by Manny's on Wednesday, July 17, 2019