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Tom’s climate plan will create millions of quality jobs.

As the strongest Democratic candidate on climate, Tom has already helped create thousands of new, clean energy jobs by mobilizing grassroots efforts to put more renewable power on the grid and improve energy efficiency. As president, he will create millions more jobs — and he has the proof. 

Tom subjected his Justice-Centered Climate Plan to a rigorous analysis by climate labor expert Betony Jones. The conclusion: Tom’s proposed investments in climate-smart infrastructure, clean buildings and energy standards, and communities through the new Civilian Climate Corps will create nearly 46 million direct jobs over 10 years

Read more about the infrastructure investments and clean energy targets here:

$6 trillion in public and private funds will create
46 million direct jobs over 10 years

35.3 Million Jobs

Building decarbonization and maintaining and building new infrastructure

8.1 million jobs

Clean energy

1.5 million jobs

Clean energy operation
and maintenance

1 million jobs

Climate Corps


The direct jobs created under Tom’s plan will spur millions more indirect and induced jobs. American workers will need raw materials and components to construct solar panels, build new buildings, and modernize the grid, as well as goods and services to live their daily lives. In Tom’s home state of California, climate programs have supported more than 60,000 full-time jobs each year, plus many more in the broader economy.

Tom has helped create and expand these job-creating climate programs. He financed and won an initiative in California that closed a corporate tax loophole and infused schools with $1.7 billion for energy upgrades, which created over 19,000 jobs. His nonprofit NextGen Climate also joined with labor groups to support more renewable energy and jobs in the state. 

As president, Tom doesn’t want to stop at creating more jobs — he also wants to create better jobs. 

Tom will work to protect the right to a living wage for all Americans under law, as well as education and training to equip people with the tools they need to get a job. As a union supporter, Tom will remove barriers to workplace organizing and collective bargaining to increase workers’ voices and safeguard against corporate greed. The new jobs in Tom’s plan could nearly triple union density in the construction industry.

To ensure no one is left behind as we transition to a clean economy, Tom’s plan offers additional support to workers currently employed in the fossil fuel industries, such as voluntary retraining or relocation assistance, wage guarantees, and early retirement options.

It’s time for America to get to work building a livable future. Add your name above if you agree.