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Sign up to become a Tom 2020 delegate

We encourage supporters and volunteers to apply for Tom 2020 delegate slots. Delegates represent Democratic primary votes at the Democratic National Convention.

As a delegate, you’ll attend the Democratic National Convention while having an active role in selecting the next president.

We encourage everyone to apply with the understanding that the Democratic Party aims for delegate slates that reflect the diversity of each state.

Here are some of the most common questions about the process of becoming a delegate:
What is a delegate? Delegates are strong supporters chosen to attend the Democratic National Convention where they will cast a vote for Tom on behalf of all the people who vote for Tom in state primaries and caucuses.
What are the types of delegates? There are four types of national delegates: district-level delegates, at-large delegates, PLEO delegates, and alternates. You may choose to run for as many of these delegate positions as you please, but you can only be selected for one delegate position.
(1) District-level delegates represent their district. You can only run for district-level delegate in the district you are registered to vote in.
(2) At-large delegates represent the state as a whole. There are no additional restrictions on who can run for an at-large position, but fewer at-large positions are available than the district-level.
(3) Party Leaders and Elected Officials (PLEO). PLEO delegate spots are reserved for big-city mayors and state-wide elected officials; then state legislative leaders, state legislators, and other state, county, and local elected officials and party leaders. If that doesn’t describe you, you cannot run as a PLEO delegate.
(4) Alternates are like delegate understudies. If a delegate cannot make the convention they were chosen for, an alternate fills in.
Who can be a delegate? Anyone! With a few requirements: You must be eligible to vote, be registered as a Democrat, and fill out the necessary paperwork. We’re looking for anyone who wants to see Tom win the Democratic nomination — and is ready to help get him there! No previous political experience necessary. Fun fact: Tom has been a delegate twice.
Why are delegates important? A vote for Tom in state primaries and caucuses allocates delegates for the Democratic National Convention, where delegate votes are tallied and the nominee is decided. In order for Tom’s votes in the states to count at the convention, we need delegates to be Tom’s representation.
What is the time commitment for a delegate? The process to become a delegate varies by state — sign up today and someone from our team will get you the details for your state!
What is the deadline to become a delegate? Several factors define the deadline. Sign up today and someone from our team will get you the details based on your application.