The 5 Rights

We need to redefine what it means to be free in the 21st century, to make sure we all have a fair chance at success in America. Together, let’s tell the new Congress we need the five rights.

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Have you, or members of your family, been denied access to a quality, affordable education?

Right #1

The Right to an Equal Vote

So everyone has an equal voice to demand justice from our government and can vote with no discrimination and no barriers.

A healthy democracy depends on the broadest participation possible.

Right #2

The Right to Clean Air & Clean Water

So everyone can breathe fresh air and drink clean water, free from industrial poisons.

Greedy corporations have taken over our democracy, and they are violating our right to clean air and clean water.

Right #3

The Right to Learn

So everyone has the right to a free, quality, public education from preschool through college and on to skills training.

Our government must keep open the doors of a good, equitable education for everyone.

Right #4

The Right to a Living Wage

So no one needs to work more than one full-time job.

No one should be forced to work three jobs just to survive, and no one should see their raise eaten up by the rising cost of living.

Right #5

The Right to Health

So everyone has a chance to live a healthy life, with universal healthcare.

Healthcare must be a right, not a privilege — and our government needs to act to protect the foundations of our health.