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Tom qualifies for debate and cements place as top-tier candidate

The presidential candidate cemented himself into the top tier of candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, officially qualifying for the Democratic National Committee debate in January.

Tom secured qualification after polling at 15% and 12% in South Carolina and Nevada, respectively — he is in second place in South Carolina and third place in Nevada.

“Voters are tired of business as usual and are responding to Tom’s fight to create real economic prosperity, tackle the climate crisis, and get Washington working for American families, not big corporations,” Campaign Manager Heather Hargreaves said. “We experience this momentum on the ground every day in the early states, and look forward to connecting with more Americans and growing this campaign in the weeks and months ahead. We are built to win, and have the candidate best prepared to take Donald Trump on over the economy and expose him.”

Conducted by Fox News between January 5 and 8, the most recent polls show Tom surging to second place in South Carolina and tied for third place in Nevada. These results mark a decisive continuation of upward momentum for Steyer, following the most recent Morning Consult early state tracker which showed Tom polling at 15% (third place) — a 5 point gain over last week’s survey.

Tom was the sixth candidate to qualify for the January debate. The final debate before the February 3 Iowa caucuses will be moderated by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Abby Phillip, as well as The Des Moines Register’s Brianne Pfannenstiel.

While in Iowa for the People Over Profits Tour, the Tom 2020 campaign announced that it had reached the donor threshold for the January debate, is now on the Democrats Abroad ballot, and hired the Obama campaign’s delegate guru, Jeff Berman, to map out its delegate strategy and prepare for the long campaign ahead.