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The Right to Health Care

Every American has the Right to Health Care. Health is the foundation for a full and productive life. Yet for far too long, the corporate stranglehold on our health care system has kept Americans from accessing and affording the health care they need.

The cost of health care in America is too high.

On average, every American pays more than $10,000 a year on health care costs — more than any other developed nation. Predatory drug companies, insurance corporations, and hospitals are squeezing every last dollar possible from the system to bolster their profits. The result leaves more than 28 million Americans with no health insurance and unable to afford basic care.

Tom will create a competitive public option to drive down costs, expand coverage, and deliver quality care to everyone who lives here, including the undocumented community.

Affordable health care isn’t a privilege just for the wealthy. It’s a right for all.