People Over Profits

To keep medications affordable, education accessible, and our planet livable, Tom’s economic plan proposes bold changes.

As president, Tom will enact comprehensive structural reform, so corporate lobbyists and special interests no longer control our democracy.

Tom will protect the 5 Rights we all need to thrive — the right to an equal vote, clean air and clean water, a good education, affordable health care, and a living wage.

Tom’s call for a wealth tax — 1% on those whose net worth is above $32 million — could generate $1 trillion — money we could use to help relieve the burden of student loan debt, repair our infrastructure, upgrade our voting system, and fight the climate crisis.

To harness innovation and promote competition, Tom will start by enforcing existing — and considering new — antitrust regulations to create fair markets across all sectors and industries.

By declaring a climate emergency on day one of his presidency, Tom will begin implementing his Justice-Centered Climate Plan, which could create 46 million jobs over ten years.

Tom will negotiate trade agreements with vital economic partners to strengthen key U.S. economic sectors — these agreements will be negotiated in a manner that includes the voices and reflects the input of all stakeholders.