Harnessing innovation and competition

Tom will unleash American creativity and ingenuity by ensuring fairness in a market-based economy.

It is time for a government controlled by the people, not corporations, to set economic rules of the road.

To harness innovation and promote competition, Tom will start by enforcing existing — and considering new — antitrust regulations to create fair markets across all sectors and industries.

By declaring a climate emergency on day one of his presidency, Tom will begin implementing his Justice-Centered Climate Plan, which will create 46 million jobs over ten years, according to an analysis conducted by a University of California researcher.

He will negotiate trade agreements with vital economic partners to strengthen key U.S. economic sectors.

These agreements will be negotiated in a manner that includes the voices and reflects the input of all stakeholders, particularly environmental groups, indigenous populations, and labor unions making the U.S. more economically competitive.