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The COVID-19 pandemic remains an ever-present part of our lives. At the same time, massive protests confronting police brutality and racism have spread across the globe. But these are not disparate issues. The communities of color facing systemic racism, white supremacy, and systemic injustice are especially vulnerable to the virus — both physically and financially.

African American and Latino communities suffer disproportionately higher rates of infection and deaths, due to inequity in our health care system, long-standing injustices, and being forced to work on the front lines. Asian American and Pacific Islander face discrimination and violence due to pandemic-related racism fueled by the president. People at the mercy of the state — the incarcerated population and those forcibly held at detention centers — are without health protections, basic hygiene, and human dignity. The impoverished and unhoused risk food insecurity, lack of basic resources, and increased exposure to the pandemic. The pandemic and recession are causing immeasurable pain and exposing how millions of Americans struggle to survive while Trump’s administration continues to ignore what’s happening.

We asked our followers to share how COVID-19 is changing their lives to show the stories happening right now. Many responded candidly about the untold damage. Some shared how they were coping. Still others shared ideas for recovery and growth — ideas born from a hope that we do not just return to normal but build a better, just, and green future. Read along and share your story.


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The COVID-19 pandemic is an ever-evolving situation, with states in different stages of reopening and testing becoming increasingly available. While so much is still unknown about the virus itself, here are some resources for financial support and health guidance. For those who are able to help others during this time, we’ve also included a few organizations seeking donations to continue providing relief during this pandemic.