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Two New Polls Show Steyer Surging, Above DNC Debate Threshold


(SAN FRANCISCO, February 7, 2020) –– Over the last 24 hours, two polls show that Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer continues his steady rise in South Carolina among voters. And despite the upheaval in earlier polling, he has cemented his place as a top-tier candidate in this race — proving that he can build a diverse coalition of Americans.

In a poll by East Carolina University, Steyer is polling in second place at 19%, and in a South Carolina Zogby Analytics Poll, Steyer is polling in third place at 15%. Both of these polls place Steyer above the 12% threshold set by the DNC in it’s latest debate criteria but fall outside the polling organizations sanctioned by the committee.

“Tom’s message of lifting up communities forgotten by Washington continues to resonate in South Carolina,” said Campaign Manager Heather Hargreaves. “South Carolina knows that Tom is the best Democrat to build a diverse coalition of Americans, beat Donald Trump in November, and deliver real economic and environmental justice for their communities.”

Morning Consult has Steyer polling at 19% in early states, putting him in third place among voters in New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina –– trailing Senator Sanders by just one point and Vice President Joe Biden by four points. Also, a South Carolina Change Research poll released last week showed Steyer up 13 points at 18%, with the support of 24% of African American voters –– just six points behind Biden. Steyer will campaign in South Carolina on Sunday and Monday.