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Tom Steyer Statement On Trump’s State of the Union Address


(SAN FRANCISCO, CA, February 4, 2020) — Today, presidential candidate Tom Steyer issued the following statement in advance of Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address:

“Tonight, an impeached president, the most corrupt president in the history of our country, will take the stage to tell America exactly how he’s going to run for re-election in November. He’s going to run on the economy.

“Mr. Trump’s argument is that we are in the midst of an economic comeback. We are not.

“The numbers he will tout tonight only tell a story of an economy that’s working for the wealthy, while most Americans’ wages have remained virtually flat for 30 years. He will tout low unemployment, while mothers and fathers across the nation have to work two to three jobs to make ends meet.

“I am running for president because I am the only candidate in the Democratic field that can expose Trump as a fraud and failure on the economy. Unlike a career littered with bankruptcies, I built a $36B multinational business from the ground up. As president, I will implement a wealth tax, cut the capital gains and dividends tax loopholes, and give 95% of Americans a 10% tax cut. I will invest in a green economy that saves our planet and creates millions of well-paying, union jobs along the way. And I will end the corporate stranglehold on Washington, D.C. and return our government to the people. That is what a true ‘American comeback’ looks like.”