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Tom Steyer Statement on Public Impeachment Hearings


(SAN FRANCISCO, November 13, 2019) — Today, candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination Tom Steyer released a statement on the start of public impeachment hearings held by the House Intelligence Committee:

“Today, we are closer to impeaching this lawless president than ever before. The start of public impeachment hearings is a significant step forward in restoring transparency in our government and delivering accountability. Finally, the American public will see Donald Trump’s endless corruption. I am confident that the hearings beginning today will show people the facts and force Republicans to listen to their constituents and recognize that no one is above the law – not even the President.

“When our elected officials and institutions work to protect our democracy, the American people win. That is why over two years ago I went against conventional wisdom and founded Need to Impeach, a grassroots movement of over 8.3 million people dedicated to holding Trump accountable. Today is a testament to the notion that when we stand together in search of truth, we win and can move our country forward.”