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Tom Steyer Stands with Activists Demanding DNC Host Climate Debate


(SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 21, 2019)  Today, presidential candidate Tom Steyer released the following statement calling on the Democratic National Committee to host a presidential debate focused on tackling the climate crisis:

Climate change is a national emergency and we need to respond with immediate action. That the DNC does not recognize the centrality of this issue to protecting America, both economically and environmentally, is frankly disturbing.

The call for a climate debate has been led by young Americans who realize that we have no Planet B and that they will ultimately bear the brunt of the worst effects of climate change. The climate town halls that have been scheduled as substitutes are not enough — their format does not allow for the vigorous debate necessary to tackle the climate crisis, nor an audience big enough to hear the critical call to act.

I applaud the young Americans taking action tomorrow at the DNC meeting here in San Francisco, for standing up to the establishment on the greatest challenge facing mankind. I stand with them and the broader environmental community to demand that the DNC host an official presidential climate debate.