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Tom Steyer on Earth Day and International Climate Conference

(San Francisco, CA) Business leader and climate activist Tom Steyer released the following statement for the 51st Earth Day:

“This Earth Day carries both a symbolic and practical significance to this moment of climate action. The Biden Administration has released our updated Nationally Determined Contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement, and this bold new target will help set the tone for domestic and international climate work leading up to COP26 in Glasgow. The natural world and global competition in the clean energy economy demands swift, bold climate action if America is to lead the world. The NDC and the American Jobs Plan are foundational to rebuild and reimagine America and to do it in a way that prioritizes marginalized, and historically underserved communities while unleashing the full potential of the private sector’s impact on accelerating the clean energy transition. Private sector leadership is going to be the lynchpin for meeting these goals: to innovate, to invest, to scale the solutions we need. We know what we need to do, now it’s time to get it done.”