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Tom Steyer Introduces Plan to Fix the Broken Political System in Washington

Steyer’s plan includes term limits for Congress and a national referendum to end corporate corruption of our Democracy and give more power to the American people


(San Francisco, July 11, 2019) — Today, presidential candidate Tom Steyer introduced his plan to implement reforms that will push power back to the American people. “The problem is corporations and the people who run and own them have purchased our democracy,” said Steyer in a video he released today.

The video highlights Steyer’s past victories standing up to big corporations through grassroots efforts. “We built grassroots campaigns that took on big corporations and won. We beat big tobacco to fund healthcare. We forced big oil to clean up our air. And we closed corporate loopholes to fund education. That proved it for me. That together the American people can fix anything.”

Steyer’s plan focuses on pushing power to the American people in the following ways:

  • Tackling the corporate stranglehold on politics by repealing Citizens United
  • Restructuring the FEC by making changes to its commissioner composition
  • Initiating an annual national referendum process
  • Implementing term limits for Congress
  • Advancing a vote at home system across the country to increase voter participation
  • Supporting important election reform legislation
  • Establishing independent redistricting commissions

“Unless we end the corporate corruption of our democracy, we won’t be able to pass any of the great plans put forward by the Democratic candidates for President,” said Steyer. “Here’s the difference between me and the other candidates. I don’t think we can fix our democracy from the inside. I don’t believe Washington and big corporations will let that happen.”