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Tom Steyer Holds Groundbreaking Virtual Presidential Youth Town Hall

(SAN FRANCISCO, December 19, 2019) –– On Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer participated in an unprecedented virtual Presidential Youth Town Hall hosted by the High School Democrats of America, College Democrats of America, and Young Democrats of America. Steyer’s Youth Town Hall was the first of its kind to proactively reach out to the youth community and give them a platform to discuss the topics most pressing to them.

During the town hall, Steyer took questions from young Americans on climate, immigration, LGBTQ+ rights, student debt, and affordable housing. He has been fighting for progressive issues and the youth mobilization for a decade.

“In 2018, so last year, NextGen did the largest youth voter mobilization in American history. We went into 38 congressional districts held by Republicans and more than doubled the turnout of people under 30. We can measure that and 33 of the districts flipped,” Steyer said during the town hall. “So to me, what that says is, I understand how critical participation of people between 18 and 35 is. I believe that next year’s presidential election really will be the one that determines the next generation.”

Below are the highlights from the town hall:

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