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Tom Steyer Challenges Trump on Economy and Vows Immediate Action on Climate Crisis in New TV Ads

Steyer’s million-dollar ad campaign will air on local markets in three early primary states


(SAN FRANCISCO, September 10, 2019) — Today, presidential candidate Tom Steyer launched a new series of broadcast ads on the economy and climate change. The two new ads — “Economy” and “Climate Change Voter” — reveal how Steyer is uniquely suited to expose Trump as a con man on the economy and highlight how Steyer is the only candidate vowing to declare the climate crisis a national emergency on day one of his presidency. The ads will run in local markets for one week from September 10 to September 16 in the early primary and caucus states of Iowa, Nevada, and South Carolina.

“Donald Trump is a con man. He got $413 million from his dad. And lost over a billion. Now he’s doing the same thing to our country,” Steyer stated in one of the ads. “This election is going to come down to the economy. It always does. 30 years in business taught me that what our economy needs is a clear plan and steady leadership… I can go head-to-head with Trump — and win.”

“Climate change is a national emergency — I’ll declare it on day one and create millions of jobs by rebuilding America and cleaning up our air,” Steyer said in the other ad. “Because right now we need the truth, and some action.”

The new ads focus on two issues that have been at the forefront of Steyer’s platform — the economy and the climate crisis. Steyer is uniquely suited to expose Trump as a fraud on the economy because of his successful private sector career, and believes that as the Democratic nominee he can expose Trump’s fraudulent business practices — which have benefited big corporations at the expense of working families — as the same tactics he is using for the country’s economy. Steyer also has the most aggressive climate plan of any presidential candidate, including declaring a climate emergency on day one and using the emergency powers of the White House to combat the crisis.

The new ad campaign comes as Steyer recently secured a spot on the Democratic National Committee debate stage in October by gaining his fourth qualifying on Sunday, September 8.