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Tom Steyer Ad Exposes Trump’s Lies to Iowan Farmers

Steyer rails on Trump for hypocrisy on ethanol


(DES MOINES, IA, September 19, 2019) — Presidential candidate for the Democratic nomination Tom Steyer launched a new ad campaign today highlighting Trump’s lies to Iowan farmers about his alleged commitment to the ethanol industry. After pledging support for ethanol in Iowa in June, Trump recently went back on his word by exempting oil refineries from their obligation to use ethanol in their products — directing the Environmental Protection Agency to grant them 31 new waivers across the country. The new 30-second ad reveals that Trump leaves behind a litany of broken promises to Iowan farmers and continues to unapologetically put Big Oil before the American people.

“Iowa deserves economic leadership, not lies,” Steyer said in the ad. “Together, we can beat Trump and make government work for Iowans.”

Since taking office, Trump has saved the oil industry hundreds of millions of dollars by directing the EPA to more than quadruple the number of waivers they issue for refineries. These waivers exempt oil facilities from complying with the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard, a federal policy that requires oil refineries to combine corn-based ethanol with their gasoline. These big breaks for oil refineries — including some run by Exxon Mobil and Chevron Corp — will likely be economically catastrophic as ethanol makes up the backbone of Iowa’s agriculture economy.

The new ad campaign comes as Steyer recently secured a spot on the Democratic National Committee debate stage in October by gaining his fourth qualifying on Sunday, September 8.

See below for full script:

“They screwed us.” (Senator Grassley)

“The White House has chosen oil refiners over corn growers.” (ABC 5)

“That’s money that could have gone to farmers who grow corn for ethanol.” (ABC 5)

“This is a total reversal of what the President said during his time in Iowa.”

“As a candidate for president, I pledge to support our Ethanol industry.” (Trump) (Time Stamp: 23:19)

I’m Tom Steyer and I approve this message because Iowa deserves economic leadership, not lies.

Together, we can beat Trump and make government work for Iowans.