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Steyer: We Are Taking This Momentum Straight to the Caucus

After his five-day “People Over Profits” bus tour, the Steyer campaign is energized by the momentum building throughout Iowa from his grassroots movement


(Des Moines, January 7, 2020) –– Starting the new year in Iowa, Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer set the tone for his campaign as we enter the final sprint to the caucus. From independent voters in Onawa committing to caucus as Democrats for Tom to energized climate voters in Newton, Tom showed his broad appeal in Iowa. Tom said this about the bus tour:

“What I heard at every stop on this bus tour was a frustration with our government and Donald Trump: that rural America has been left out of the conversation, that our economy is not growing for hard-working Iowans, that we have recklessly abandoned our global allies to pursue unilateral action endangering the lives of Americans. This election is going to come down to who do people think will be able to make bold changes and create economic prosperity for all, not just the wealthy few. I have a history of getting things done, taking on corporate polluters and winning, partnering with rural America and local communities to create grassroots movements, and building a business from scratch. That’s how we take on Trump and win in November.”

Tom drew crowds in deep-red districts and held lively town halls where hundreds attended and tuned into the live stream showing that Iowans are ready to act urgently on climate and break the corporate stranglehold on our democracy.

While in Iowa, the campaign announced that it had reached the donor threshold for the January debate, is now on the Democrats Abroad ballot, and hired the Obama campaign’s delegate guru, Jeff Berman, to map out its delegate strategy and prepare for the long campaign ahead. This, combined with the 70+ staff now on the ground in Iowa, 15 offices across the state to mobilize volunteers and precinct captains, and the momentum from the bus tour shows that the Steyer campaign is in it to win it.