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Steyer: “We are in a sprint towards November and a better climate future”

(San Francisco, CA, July 20) Climate activist, NextGen America founder, and former presidential candidate Tom Steyer has begun a robust surrogate schedule in his new role on Vice President Biden’s Climate Engagement Advisory Council.

This past week Steyer has participated in four Climate Voters for Biden events in Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Virginia, energizing climate voters to organize in their communities and get people excited about Biden’s new “Build Back Better” plan. “His jobs plan is a climate plan, and his climate plan is an environmental justice plan.” Steyer said. “This is something the whole party and the whole country can be excited and proud of.”

The Advisory Council held their first meeting on Friday where the group began to map out their outreach plan to engage climate leaders, excite climate voters, and mobilize people across the country to turn out in November. “This is a turnout election, plain and simple. People know the stakes of this election, it’s our country and our planet’s future, so we need to give them a reason to turn out and make sure they can do it safely.”

Beyond speaking to voters across the country, Steyer has hosted three successful fundraisers for the Vice President in partnership with other climate leaders that have raised over $12 million. “I plan on doing everything I can to get Joe Biden elected because starting on November 4th I need to know our country and our planet are in good hands.”