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Steyer: The time for Reparations is long past due

(San Francisco, CA, July 27) Climate activist, NextGen America founder, and former presidential candidate Tom Steyer has endorsed H.R. 40, the resolution introduced by  Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, TX-18. H.R. 40 would fund a Commission to study government Reparations with a level of specificity and actionability for the descendents of enslaved Africans. Steyer has committed to partnering with the Congresswoman to do all he can to make sure there is support for this crucial bill.

“The moment we are in is 400 years in the making,” said Steyer. “The structural racism stemming from slavery that is baked into the founding and foundation of our nation has permeated all aspects of American life. We have to talk honestly and blatantly about what we have done. Part of beginning that honest conversation, starts with talking about Reparations. This is the first step in righting our most grievous wrong.”