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Steyer: “Leadership Matters”

(San Francisco, CA) NextGen America founder and leader of the Need to Impeach, Tom Steyer, issued the following statement in response to the second trial of Donald Trump’s impeachment beginning in the Senate:

“This is about right and wrong. It is about ensuring that we don’t give our future leaders the power to break their sacred oaths, escape accountability, and repeat these heinous crimes. This isn’t about one president or even 100 Senators, it’s about 330 million Americans. All of us are responsible for our actions, our leaders should be no exception. To every first time voter, to every young person who’s been skeptical of the government’s efficacy, we owe it to them to show that our leaders are accountable to the Constitution, to their fellow citizens, and to American values. This dangerous moment in our history does not reflect who we are, but it does show where we were almost led to become. The Senate must vote to convict the most corrupt and criminal president in history because what does it say about us as a country if we just let it go?”