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Steyer: “Joe is right. We must act now. The climate crisis is here”

(San Francisco, CA, September 14) Climate activist, NextGen America founder, and former presidential candidate Tom Steyer has been raising the alarm about the climate fires burning across his home state, California. Following Vice President Biden’s speech on the climate fires and the need to rebuild the country to both fight and adapt to our climate crisis, Steyer said the following:

“Last week, all of us in the Bay Area experienced a climate reality that seemed more like a fictional nightmare, orange skies and midnight darkness in the middle of the day. The present is grim, not just here in California, but across the country where climate-exacerbated natural disasters are devastating communities, especially communities of color, causing billions of dollars in damage, and putting us on a path where things only get worse. That is why we must elect a President with a better vision for the future. A vision that deals with the reality of our climate crisis, that knows that creating an equitable, clean energy economy will in turn create millions of well-paying union jobs. That is the vision that Joe has put forth. The compassion he showed today for the people suffering couldn’t be any more different than Trump’s who doesn’t concern himself with problems that impact Americans in “blue states”. Climate is not a blue-state, red-state, or partisan problem. It’s a global problem. The single most important thing we can do right now to save our planet is to elect Joe Biden. In less than two months we will likely have our last chance to change the terrifying trajectory we are on. There’s not a moment to lose.”