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Steyer Discusses How Faith Informs His Values on ‘Journeys of Faith’ with Paula Faris

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 13, 2020) –– In an interview with Paula Faris on ABC’s ‘Journeys of Faith’ podcast, Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer discussed how his faith informs his values and motivations — particularly in his call to make climate change the number one priority of his administration and to rebuild our government so it works for the American people.

In conversation with Faris, Steyer said: “Addressing climate change is about protecting God’s earth. It’s about protecting the most vulnerable people among us who will suffer disproportionately. That’s why I talk about environmental justice – because the places where pollution has hit in the United States have been low-income communities and communities of color.”   

He also discussed faith as a way to recognize connectedness and purpose, especially when thinking about the importance of this presidential election. To Steyer, this election is not just about beating Donald Trump. It’s about breaking the corporate stranglehold on our government and returning power to the people, so that our democracy can empower and uplift all Americans – not just the rich and powerful.

“The president needs to be president for every American, and must truly believe that we grow together,” continued Steyer. “If a kid is supported and educated and grows up well in Appalachia, that’s great for the people in California. And if someone in Compton does the exact same thing, that’s great for the people in Kentucky.”

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