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Steyer Continues Breakthrough in Early States Following the Start of Public Impeachment Hearings, and Maintains Calls for Wealth Tax

(SAN FRANCISCO, November 15, 2019) — This week, as U.S. House of Representatives took a major step forward for democracy by beginning public impeachment hearings, Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer — who founded Need to Impeach over two years ago — continued to make strides in his presidential campaign.

With Michael Bloomberg expected to enter the Democratic primary race, Steyer continued to call on him to support a wealth tax. Steyer called for a wealth tax in October 2018, making him one of the first people presently running for the nomination, to do so.

On Tuesday, Steyer scored an endorsement from key New Hampshire political activist Dudley Dudley. Dudley accompanied Steyer as he filed for the New Hampshire primary and gave opening remarks at a town hall in Manchester on the same day.

The poll numbers show his rising support in early states, including a recent poll by Fox News which has him at 5% in Nevada — making him one qualifying poll away from meeting the polling criteria for the DNC December debate in Los Angeles. In a new Public Policy Polling poll that came out today, Steyer is at 6% in Iowa. Steyer is also averaging between 6-7% in Morning Consult’s early state tracking, ahead of Harris, Booker, Yang, and Klobuchar.

Over the course of the week, Steyer was also featured in a variety of media outlets, from local outlets to national cable networks and publications. Below are the highlights.


Steyer scores endorsement from key New Hampshire activist

The Hill – 11/12/19

By Julia Manchester

“ … Dudley, who endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) ahead of the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, said she believes Steyer is the only candidate who can beat Trump in November … Her official endorsement came shortly after she accompanied Steyer to file for the state’s primary.”

Steyer signs up for New Hampshire primary

Associated Press – 11/12/19

“Businessman Tom Steyer says the presidential race is more unsettled than it’s ever been …  He says he won’t be surprised if more candidates get in the race, and that he felt compelled to jump in because other candidates were ignoring what he sees as the key problem facing the nation: a broken government that has been taken over by corporate interests.”

Billionaire 2020 candidate Tom Steyer encourages Mike Bloomberg to support wealth tax if he enters presidential race

CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” – 11/14/19

“‘If you’re Mike Bloomberg or me, people who have been incredibly lucky and incredibly fortunate, you should be for a wealth tax if you want to have bona fides in terms of addressing inequality,’ Steyer said.”

Billionaire Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer Supports the Wealth Tax

Bloomberg TV – 11/14/19

“’I’ve been traveling this country literally for seven years talking to people… it’s painful, it’s not theoretical… When you see the human suffering I’ve seen and when you look at someone and you realize that in order to pay for those tax cuts to rich people, millions and tens of millions of people are suffering. It’s just not right.’”

Tom Steyer on the road ahead for his presidential campaign

Yahoo! Finance – 11/14/19

“ … ‘I proposed a wealth tax over a year ago. And I’ve said I don’t believe Michael Bloomberg should get into this race unless he’s willing to embrace a wealth tax’ …”

Democratic Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer Is a Billionaire, But He’s Not That Kind of Billionaire

Fortune – 11/14/19

By Nicole Goodkind

“ … He’s the kind of billionaire who supports a wealth tax, the kind of billionaire who wants to squash income inequality, and be a friendly face to overworked, underpaid Americans who feel left behind by Washington, D.C…”

Billionaire Steyer says billionaire Bloomberg must meet voters, embrace wealth tax, to be viable

WMUR 9 – 11/12/19

By John DiStaso

“ … Steyer filed his candidacy for the first-in-the-nation primary Tuesday, accompanied by his wife, Kat Taylor, and a legendary figure in New Hampshire politics, former Executive Councilor Dudley Dudley of Durham …”

Bullock, Steyer seek to reduce corporate influence in campaigns

New Hampshire Union Leader – 11/12/19

By Kevin Landrigan

“ … Former Executive Councilor Dudley Dudley of Durham endorsed Steyer Tuesday, saying he was the candidate best equipped to defeat Trump. In 2016 Dudley supported Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders who won New Hampshire but lost the nomination to Hillary Clinton …”