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Steyer Calls on Sanders to Detail How He Will Pay for his Medicare for All Plan

Steyer says we can get universal access to health care, drive down costs, and protect union-negotiated plans without the financial risk of Medicare for All

(LAS VEGAS, February 13, 2020) — Today Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer questioned the cost of Senator Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All plan, saying we can get universal access to health care, drive down costs, and protect union-negotiated health plans without taking the financial risk of implementing a 100% government-run health care system.

“Bernie and I both want the same thing — high quality, affordable health care for every person living in this country,” said Steyer. “I truly believe we finally have the opportunity to achieve that by building upon the Affordable Care Act and providing a public option. My health care plan does just that. It has the added benefit of protecting the health plans that unions have fought hard to secure for their members, especially here in Nevada. His refusal to tell us how he will pay for his plan adds unnecessary financial risk to achieving health care as a right for every person. I’m calling on Bernie today to finally disclose the actual price tag, and tell the American people exactly how he will pay for it.”

Senator Sanders reluctance on putting a price tag on his health care plan exponentially increases the financial risk to the government’s budget. Steyer has repeatedly stated that he will build on the ACA and add a public option, which would leverage the government’s buying power to drive down health care costs while allowing people to make their own decisions about what’s best for them and their families.

While Senator Warren made a good-faith attempt to outline how she would pay for her Medicare-for-All plan, Senator Sanders has steadfastly refused to tell voters how he would pay for his plan. Steyer believes the voters of Nevada, who have a lot to lose under Sanders’ plan, deserve to know how he will pay for it and how much it will actually cost before they vote on February 22nd.