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Steyer Calls on Perez to Expand Polling Window Ahead of Nevada Debate

(Chester, SC, February 10, 2020) –– Today, Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer sent a letter to Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez, calling on the DNC to expand the polling window for the Nevada debate to make it consistent with the last several polling windows and allow more candidates to qualify for the debate which is scheduled to take place on February 19 in Las Vegas. Below is the text of the full letter.


When my campaign received the debate criteria for the next DNC debate in Nevada on January 31st, I was extremely disappointed to see that the Committee has narrowed the polling window significantly. The previous two polling windows have been 56-58 days and this recent period window has been cut to 35 days.

In that time period, there hasn’t been a single qualifying poll conducted in Nevada or South Carolina. Additionally, a week before the DNC started the window, my campaign met the criteria for the Nevada debate in two Fox News polls that showed my campaign at 15% in South Carolina and 12% in Nevada.

I urge you to expand the window or make sure that there is significant polling in those states prior to the next debate. The voters in Nevada and South Carolina deserve to have their voices heard in this process and to narrow the debate qualifiers without their involvement undercuts the importance of the early states in this election.

Thank you for your attention to this issue.