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“Rebuilding Our Country Starts Here”

(San Francisco, CA) In response to the Biden administration roll out of their infrastructure plan, climate activist and business leader Tom Steyer issued the following statement:

“We are at an inflection point. The clean energy future is coming, and the investments in The American Jobs Plan will help America and American businesses and workers have more resources and upgraded infrastructure to help capture the benefits of this moment and to lead in the future. The natural world and the global economy are pointing towards climate action, that should be our guiding force. We can’t let ourselves be thrown off course by political hurdles. Government investment is the catalyst that will light a fire under the private sector and turn the exciting commitments we’ve been seeing into real action. This is a necessity, but it is also just a start. This is an opportunity to equitably shape America’s future prosperity and role in the world. It’s time to think big and get it done.”