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Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer to Speaker Pelosi: Listen to Your Caucus

A majority of House Democrats now support impeachment inquiry


(San Francisco, August 1, 2019) — Today, Congressman Ted Deutch affirmed his support for starting an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, making him the 118th Democrat in the House to do so. With a majority of House Democrats now supporting impeachment, presidential candidate Tom Steyer is calling on Speaker Pelosi to do what’s right and start an impeachment inquiry immediately.

“The fact that impeachment is stalled — despite the support of a majority of House Democrats and over eight million Americans — is exactly what is wrong with our broken political system in Washington,” said Steyer. “Mr. Trump is the most dangerous and lawless president in our nation’s history. Our Constitution provides a remedy, and that remedy is impeachment. It’s time to do the right thing even if it’s not politically convenient.”

Steyer has been the loudest voice in the fight for Donald Trump’s impeachment, first calling for an impeachment inquiry in June of 2017, starting the grassroots movement Need to Impeach in October of 2017, and growing the number of supporters to over eight million Americans. He recently called for Speaker Pelosi to cancel the August recess and instead conduct public oversight hearings to hold Trump accountable.

“I’ve been fighting for Mr. Trump’s impeachment for almost two years and we’ve steadily been gaining momentum. Now that a majority of House Democrats agree, what are we waiting for?”