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New Tom Steyer Ad Campaign Gives Americans the Opportunity to Deliver a Message to Donald Trump

Airing on Fox & Friends, the ad will feature video submissions from the American people


(SAN FRANCISCO, September 30, 2019) — Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer has launched “Talk to Trump,” an innovative new ad campaign that gives the American people a chance to submit videos of themselves directly addressing Donald Trump. Some of the videos will air as television ads in the coming weeks on Fox & Friends, a place Trump is likely to see them. The ad campaign gives the American public a chance to raise their voices and tell Donald Trump exactly what matters most to them, and how much he has failed them as president. Steyer’s grassroots work and his presidential bid have focused on giving more power to the American people, and this effort is a new and innovative way to give people the power to talk directly to Trump.

For two years, Steyer has called for Trump’s impeachment and built a grassroots movement of over 8.3 million supporters. The ad campaign follows Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that the House of Representatives will begin a formal impeachment inquiry.

“Trump should know how he’s failed you as president — whether that’s on health care, a living wage, gun violence, climate change, or something else entirely,” wrote Steyer’s campaign to supporters on Saturday. “It’s time Trump heard directly from the many, many people around the country who are hurting and frustrated because of his corrupt and cruel administration.”

Those interested in submitting videos are encouraged to record a short 25-second message and upload it directly on the website or from a mobile device, or email it to

The ad campaign will run in the days leading up to the October debate, as Steyer is set to appear on the debate stage for the first time. Steyer is also well on his way to making the debate stage in November, already surpassing the donor threshold requirement and receiving three qualifying polls in the last week.