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At Summer Meeting, Steyer Pledges that DNC Will Not Take Corporate Money During His Presidency


(SAN FRANCISCO, August 23, 2019) — Today, at the Democratic National Party Summer Meeting in San Francisco, presidential candidate Tom Steyer vowed that, as president, the DNC would reject all corporate money and sponsorships. Following his remarks, he released the statement below:

“Big corporations have bought access and influence at the expense of the American people, and they are corrupting our democracy. I’m running to break their stranglehold on our government. The Democratic Party and the DNC must lead on this issue if we want to build the grassroots, increase voter turnout, and defeat Donald Trump in 2020. We cannot hold corporations accountable if we are chasing corporate cash. As president, I will make sure that the DNC does not accept a dime from any corporation. The fight to hold Washington to a higher standard starts by holding ourselves to one.”

Steyer addressed over 300 DNC members, party leaders, and supporters. The speech focused on getting rid of corporate corruption in American politics, the cornerstone of his presidential platform, in addition to building an economy that works for everyone, and calling on the DNC to host a climate debate.