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Urge your representative to support the Justice in Policing Act

The Justice in Policing Act is an important first step in reforming our broken and racist criminal justice system by:

  • Working to end racial and religious profiling
  • Banning chokeholds and no-knock warrants
  • Severely limiting military equipment for local police departments
  • Requiring the use of body cameras at all times
  • Making it easier to hold police officers accountable for misconduct and charge them in court
  • Improving investigations into police misconduct
  • Changing the culture of law enforcement with training to build integrity and trust
  • Increasing transparency by collecting data on police misconduct and use-of-force
  • Designating lynching as a federal crime

This country has failed to live up to its promise of “equality for all” since its founding, and this proposed legislation is long overdue to move us toward a more justice-centered society. Email your representative in Congress and urge them to support this bill. Then spread the word: