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We know the truth — now it’s time to take action and impeach Donald Trump.

Tom was the first among the presidential candidates to call on Congress to impeach Donald Trump.  

In 2017, he launched Need to Impeach — a grassroots movement that started as an online petition and grew to more than 8 million supporters across the country. Their efforts helped persuade more than half of congressional Democrats and one Republican to publicly support impeachment. Now, two years later, almost all Democratic presidential candidates have joined the call.


Trump has remained in the White House, despite evidence that he obstructed justice and all but sent Russia an invitation to interfere in our elections. He refuses to denounce white nationalists, puts families in concentration camps, and undermines the free press. He continually uses the office of the presidency to enrich his family and the Trump Organization — a clear violation of the Constitution. 

We cannot wait for Democrats to win the presidency in 2020 to protect our democracy and the rule of law. Complacency does not guarantee peace — it simply greenlights more racism, corruption, cover ups, and criminality. It’s time for Congress to fulfill its constitutional duty and impeach Trump.

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