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Demand a coronavirus package that protects people and the climate

COVID-19 is a global public health emergency and has had a detrimental effect on the global economy. Americans are hurting and are looking to the government to provide relief.

We need to ensure any new stimulus package protects working families and the health of our climate instead of big corporate profits. We need to be fair to the American people and protect workers and small businesses. And while we do that, we cannot forget the climate crisis. Here's what we need:

  • A stronger public health response that alleviates economic strain on individuals.
  • Economic recovery for any industry, but especially the energy and transportation industries, must invest in long-term growth and sustainability. Financial assistance should be used to help these industries transition to a clean energy future, not double down on the fossil fuel economy of the past.
  • The stimulus must require that industries continue to reduce air, water, and carbon pollution as a matter of public health — we cannot let one crisis intensify another.

Sign this petition to support a stimulus package with people and climate at the center.