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Demand climate be the centerpiece of 2020 presidential debates

Seventy House Democrats penned a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates to demand that moderators make climate change a central focus of the upcoming presidential and vice-presidential debates:

"In 2016, there was not a single question on climate change in any of the four presidential and vice-presidential debates. This cannot happen again. The Commission on Presidential Debates must make climate change a centerpiece of the upcoming presidential and vice-presidential debates. Given the dire nature of the crisis, we ask that you publicly call on the moderators to include the climate crisis in the topics that will be addressed during the debates.

This is not a partisan issue. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and politically unaffiliated Americans have consistently said that climate change and its consequences to their health, pocketbooks, and safety are a top concern for them in this election year. Americans have a strong desire to hear directly from the candidates on how they plan to address climate change if elected."

Read the full letter here and add your name if you agree that we deserve to see how our prospective leaders would address the climate crisis.