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Call the Senate to save the USPS

Right now, the USPS is in dire financial need. A few months ago, Donald Trump appointed Republican mega-donor Louis DeJoy to Postmaster General. Once in office, DeJoy instituted ‘cost-cutting’ changes that created life-threatening mail delays and rampant fears over the Post Office’s ability to handle the country’s mail needs. Under mounting pressure, DeJoy claimed to have stopped these changes, but has made no commitment to fix the damage.

The Delivering for America Act bill would effectively restore the postal service to January 1, 2020 operations, undoing much of DeJoy’s destructive changes. It would also provide $25 billion in emergency funding — a move that would properly fund the USPS through the election. This is an important step towards protecting this institution and our democracy.

This bill gets it right: The USPS is not a bankrupt business. It is an essential service and must be treated as such. We must demand that the postal service is saved to ensure people receive critical mail like prescriptions and benefits checks. And we must also protect mail-in ballots, so Trump and his lackeys cannot steal the November election.

Call your Senators to demand they vote for the Delivering for America Act today.


Hi, my name is ____ and I’m calling today to urge you to pass the Delivering for America Act and to fully support the United States Postal Service.

More Americans than ever are going to be voting by mail this November because of the pandemic, and now Postmaster DeJoy and the Trump administration are doing everything they can to undermine the postal service’s ability to do its job. They’ve removed mail sorting machines in key electoral states. Mail is already getting delayed, and it’s only going to get worse unless you do something.

Having a fully functioning postal service is key to equity and our democracy this November, and the Delivering for America Act provides the support the USPS needs to continue its vital service. Thank you.